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Cloud Backup Service in Melbourne

In today’s fast-moving business environment, you need solutions that let your employees collaborate efficiently while accessing the files they need from anywhere. ITsoft is an experienced cloud service provider in Melbourne that can design, implement, manage and maintain a cloud computing services solution that fits your data storage needs.

Cloud Files Access

With Our Cloud Computing Solutions, You Can Upload, Edit And Access Any Files From Anywhere, No Matter What Size, Mitigating Concern Of Maxing Out Computing Resources. Your Employees Can Share Files And Work Together To Improve Productivity And Better Meet The Needs Of Your Customers. Our Secure Web Browser-Based File Environment Makes Sure Your Data Stays Safe And Only The People You Authorize Can See Sensitive Information. Migrating Your Files Into The Haycor Cloud Delivers Seamless File Sharing That Will Help Everyone Work More Efficiently.

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Microsoft 365

We Complement Placing Your Data In The Cloud With Microsoft microsoft 365 To Give You Access To Files In The Most Common Business Formats. Online Applications Such As MS Word, Excel And PowerPoint Let Your Employees View And Edit Their Files From Anywhere. Because Microsoft Office Is Used By Many Companies And Many Of The Programs Support Open Formats, Your Employees Can Collaborate With Business Partners Outside Your Own Company.

Cloud Backup Service in Melbourne

In Addition To Major Failures That Can Cause Complete Loss Of Large Amounts Of Data, Cloud Applications Can Protect Against Many Causes Of Comparatively Minor Data Loss. Because Cloud Backup Is Frequent And Can Back Up Versions Of Documents, Human Error Such As Inadvertent Modification Or Deletion Of Data Can Be Corrected By Restoring Files From The Cloud. Of Course, Our Backup Solutions Also Protect You Against Major Equipment Failure Or Disasters Such As Fire. You Can Download Your Latest Backup And Rapidly Resume Operations.

Cloud Backup Service in Melbourne
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Cloud Migration

We Analyze Your Cloud Computing Needs, Design A Cloud Solution That Will Match Your Operations And Migrate Your Files Into Our Cloud Infrastructure Quickly And Securely. You Just Have To Give Us The Go-Ahead And We Take Care Of Everything. Soon Your Employees Will Be Accessing Cloud Files From Their Mobile Devices In Their Cars And From Their Laptops In Their Home Offices. All File Migrations Are Completely Secure And In Real-Time, And We Continue To Take Care Of Your Data After Migration.

For any business, data is one of its greatest assets. Every company works hard to protect its data. Consider a case if there is a data breach or you lose all your data for any reason, will your business run smoothly, and nothing will get affected. No, you will run into chaos and find yourself in a very hard situation. No business can run without data in today’s world, and data is the biggest weapon that every organization needs to compete. If you are too worried about the data, don’t panic, choose our cloud service provider in Melbourne that will always have your back in any given situation.

At ITsoft we offer Cloud Backup Service in Melbourne so that you don’t have to worry about your data in today’s uncertain times especially due to the ongoing pandemic. Our cloud storage solution helps your employees to collaborate efficiently and access all data from anywhere. Our experts will help you design, implement, manage and maintain your cloud storage that fits your data storage needs.

Why Your Business Need a Cloud Backup Solution?

  • Greater Access- Our cloud storage service gives access to all your files anytime from anywhere in the world. The only prerequisite is an internet connection and a device.
  • Better Protection- Our cloud service offers the best protection, and we keep your data safe from malware attacks or natural disasters.
  • Less Downtime- Our server runs around the clock, ensuring that you face no or minimal downtime. All your data is encrypted and can only be decrypted by you.
  • Redundant Backups- We have multiple servers located at different geographical locations, so you can access all your data even if a data centre goes down.
  • Save Cost than Local Backup- We offer many affordable cloud storage packages that allow you to save money compared to local storage.

Why ITsoft Cloud Service is Right for Your Business?

  • Cloud Files Access- With Our Cloud storage solutions, you can Upload, Edit, and Access Any Files from anywhere, thus improving productivity and meeting all your customer needs. Our secure server ensures that all your data is safe and only authorized people can access those data.
  • Microsoft 365- Since most companies use Microsoft Office Suite, our cloud service also complements Office 365. Your employees can view, rename, delete and edit any files anywhere. Our cloud service supports all other open formats so that employees can collaborate with other business partners.
  • Cloud Migration- You can easily migrate all your data to our cloud. We have designed a solution that lets you upload your entire data quickly. In no time, you and your employees will begin accessing all cloud files from their mobile devices and systems.

Other Perks of Choosing our Cloud Service includes the following:

  • Schedule backup & flexible data recovery in case you accidentally deleted your file.
  • Our platform is 100% Safe and Secure
  • We offer rich functionality, thus making your work easy.
  • We have a support team that is always ready to assist you in case of any trouble.